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With the volatility of today's energy markets, it is vital to manage your energy expenses, budgets and accounts. Our products and services have been designed to provide organizations the management tools needed to gain control over energy expenses and consumption. The creation of procurement strategies, on-line data collection, account analysis, budget analysis, as well as personalized energy consultation will enable comprehensive management of your annual energy budgets.


Energy Procurement & Product Selection

RPAC brings a unique perspective to deregulated market operations through its long-lasting relationships with electric suppliers nationwide. RPAC is continually monitoring the energy markets and informing its clients of favorable purchasing opportunities.

Clients can also opt to use RPAC's in-house reverse auction platform. Furthermore, through RPAC's Buying Pools, smaller entities can buy like the big players and better manage their budget and risk appetite.

RPAC will manage the RFP process and find the product that best fits your energy management, budgetary and sustainability objectives, including: 

  • Fixed rate products 
  • Block & Index products 
  • RPAC Buying Pools 
  • REC purchases 
  • Renewable energy


Life-Cycle Management: Energy Tracking, Budgeting and Bill Checking

RPAC’s proprietary web-based technologies take the guess work out of managing your energy load. The Entropē (Energy TRacking and Online Planning Exchange) platform is a cornerstone of our service, and with this tool, we are able to:

  • Facilitate purchasing strategies and hedging programs 
  • Review historical performance 
  • Develop detailed budget projections
  • Check billing of 3rd party suppliers

This proprietary system supports our industry-leading management techniques and forecasting capabilities. Our clients receive comprehensive access to these online tools to run detailed, personalized reports, and collect real-time data from relevant markets and hubs around the country.

Click here to learn more about Entrope


Market Intelligence and Risk Management

RPAC utilizes its tool set and relationships to aggregate and capitalize on market intelligence. Our process leverages real-time data feeds for pricing, energy production, consumption, storage, weather and regulatory changes to inform decisions. Using this information, RPAC develops hedging strategies and identifies buying windows to mitigate price volatility.

As a client, you have access to the following RPAC data and reports: 

  • Regional Day Ahead Price Trends (sample)
  • RPAC Energy Flash Friday Report (sample)
  • RPAC Monthly Report and RPAC View (sample)




About Us

RPAC is an advisory and consulting firm specializing in several areas of energy management. RPAC serves the interests of its clients and relies on quality client service for its ongoing business. Our client list includes some of the most visible and high profile names in the business and cultural worlds.

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